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Ingredient We Should Avoid to Have Clear Skin

October 28, 2019

Hi guys, it's been a while I didn't post anything here. It just me busying myself to distract myself from having overthinking. But today, I'm here to share with you the ingredient that my skin concern. Meaning, there is some skincare ingredient that irritates my skin no matter which brand it is. It might be yours too. So, here I am to share with you for our reference too! Happy reading!

As we all know, each of us has our own skin type with specific skin concerns. Like mine, I used to be a Dry skin typed person with sensitive skinover-dryness, having an uneven skin tone, and also some wrinkles. Looking at my age, it is actually fewer possibilities that I might have wrinkles since I just 20 years old. It might be other factors, but the one who triggered the wrinkles in my skin also can be caused by the ingredient that my skin concerns.

Some Toxic Ingredient Totally Irritates My Skin Just An Hour:

  • Fragrance is a scent being used in almost all skincare or cosmetics to make it scent well.
  • Example: Fragrances or Parfum
  • Effect: Allergens, Endocrine disruptors and irritants directly
  • My Experience: After an hour or the next day, my skin become redness, feel itchy and it looks terrible

Mineral Oil
  • Mineral oil is a colourless and odourless oil that been made by petroleum. Because of it’s lightweight and inexpensive so it always been used in almost all creams, lotion, ointments and skincare.
  • Example: Simple Cleansing Oil and Biore Cleansing Oil
  • Effect: It clogs the pore, may contaminate with toxins
  • My Experience: It clogs pore and my skin break out, with redness, feel itchy, tight and it just looks like having a lot of tiny bumps on all over my face.

Rosehip Extract
  • This ingredient, not all of us the experience to have a bad reaction towards it. That is why I state above my skin concern because my skin can’t really tolerate with rosehip oilseed because I have sensitive skin and my skin might have allergen. 
  • The good of this ingredient can really help in anti-ageing and reduce scars and wrinkles.
  • Example: Bio-Essence Bio-Gold Rose Water
  • My Experience: I used Bio-Essence Bio-Gold Rose Water and my skin totally breakout, having redness, there’s a lot of tiny bumps all over my face and it takes almost a week for my skin to get normal. 

Some Toxic Ingredient that Still Okay with My Skin:

  • If has water in it so it is higher possibilities to have parabens in it to avoid growing bacteria.
  • Examples, methylparaben, isopropyl parabens, and isobutylparaben.
  • Effect: Can lead to imbalances hormonal and possibly breast cancer

  • SLS/SlES is a foaming agent that been used in most products like shampoo, cleanser, skincare or even toothpaste. 
  • Example: Cetaphil Cleanser
  • Effect: Skin Irritation, trigger allergies.
  • My Experience: Even Cetaphil has SLS/SLES, I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now and alhamdulillah it’s nothing wrong with my skin but I can’t deny any effect from people who experience it.

There is some other ingredient that might concern on our skin. But for now, this 3 ingredient I mentioned above are the most concern. Every time I want to try some new product I’ll make sure the product is free from all those 3 ingredients.

Because my experience told me everything, no matter how good the product is to other skin, it doesn’t mean it’ll be good for your skin. Know your skin first, before you try. Love your skin and do not get easily influenced by other clear skin.


Mushy Zaini

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