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Review : Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream 50g

August 01, 2019

Hi guys, We here for the next sharing on topic Beauty which is my honest review on

Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream 50g

For your information, I’ve been using this product a half year ago and already repurchase for two times. This is the very holy-grail moisturizer that I ever tried.

Let me show you why

As shown in the picture above, you can see. The packaging is ‘beshe-beshe’ only. And it looks like a “product timbang kilo’ packaging but what I love about its packaging is. The colour they used. It’s a gold yellowish colour that makes it look a bit glamour and expensive. The opener is just as usual, easy to open and close.

2.For those this product
For those having a terrible dry skin like mine. Very dry skin is recommended. Not for oily skin because it would make your skin look more oily and please consistently use this for a better result

3.How to use it
Day: Micellar water- Cleanser-Toner-Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream-Sunscreen
Night: Micellar water-cleansing oil-cleanser-toner-serum/acne treatment/mask-*aloe vera- Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream

*If you have serum/acne treatment. Used it before moisturizer.
*If necessary.
*For better result, please use with Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Toner. You can read my review on it (Here)
Make sure to do not touch your face anymore once you finished your skincare routine. Just go to sleep!

-Easy to blend since it’s a light creamy
-Doesn’t leave a white cast
-Make makeup look smoother
-Doesn’t sticky at all
-Feels hydrate
-Doesn’t make skin feel itchy or dry
-Helps dark spot when using consistently

-Could be a bit pricey if it’s original price so only bought when it has a discount but you must know this product rarely have a discount. So please do saving if you want to purchase this product
-Not suited to use for a hot day, it makes you feel uneasy and oily
-quick thick
-take some times to absorb to your skin

Hermo - RM78.00
Watsons - RM78.00 After discount RM54.60

9/10 💓
I love it so much! It helps my skin from drying and it also helps my skin to look a bit brighter and no duller. As we know, hydrating is the key to everything!

Absolutely yes!
Right now using the second jar and it’s about to finish soon. I’m wondering where can I get money to repurchase omg help me!!!

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. This is my honest review since I buy using my own money and I love to try something new

Mushy Zaini

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  1. murahnya beli dekat watsons! Nanti ada merdeka sale, nak try la product ni

    1. Haah. Kalau time takde less fuhhh fikir dua kali nak beli hahah

  2. nak pakai hada labo banyak utk yang kulit kering, jadi kita x jadi pakai hehe. pakai himalaya je

    1. Ohh yeke. Pernah try clenaser himalaya serious smooth je muka 😚😚