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Easy-Pezy Semester 2 Journey

August 01, 2019

Hi guys, after so long with review post only. Here I am to mumbling about my “easy-pezy” semester 2-degree journey. I’ve been noticed that nowadays people do not spend time to read blogger anymore but who cares, it’s me who love to write. So, please don’t stop me.

First of all, Salam Alaik’ to my semester 2 for the past 6 months ago. Yes, of course here is just a conclusion of my journey in semester 2 since I don’t have time to post every day or even every week in blogger. I jumped into the conclusion of my semester 2 is, It’s quite challenging and yea, it’s terrible enough to make me feel crazy but I don’t expect that finally, I succeed to finish it.

The first day I came UUM to start my new semester is already worst. Because, I went alone, with very huge luggage, some additional tote bag and backpack. I was very Even when I arrived safely to my room. I don’t want to arrange my thing yet. I just let things there. It’s like, “Punya pasai engko lah baju. Esok nak gi kelas baru aku cari”. Hahaha. *But the truth is, I don’t remember that day. So just hadam okay my story.

The first week started. And I’m so lazy. I skipped some classes since I think, the lecturer will cancel the class since it’s the first week. But nah, I was wrong. Even the first class, already got attendance. And yes. It makes me feel worried for the upcoming week since some subject I already used the full quota to not coming to the class, But Alhamdulillah. Until the last day, there’s no problem with my attendance. Such a relief guys. *Always wondering, is it I akan kena bar sebab tak datang. Tapi tak lebih 5kali. Tapi mana tau kot tak ingat. Hahah. Seriously. I swear myself. No more such that habit!

My life just like usual, woke up Subuh, make breakfast, do yoga, took bath, get ready to the class, go to classes, having lunch, having dinner with huda, on night doing an assignment or watching dramas. All-day routine just like that. Boring! But, I also participated in some of events and activities. Such as, I went for ceramah ‘Kembali Bertuhan’ with PU Azraie if I’m not mistaken. Then, being a committee member for Penang Annual Dinner with Khai Bahar, Joining IftarJemaie with Penang Members, being committee members for UUM Hockey Championship, joining perbarisan for SUKUUM Fasa 1, being a seller for Banana Mas O’Pancake for Mas Heydey, Going for Silat Cekak Explorace Day, having a picnic with them, and also I went hangout since it’s compulsory for Fluffiers members for every sem.

For me, not too many programmes that I’ve joined compared to semester 1. But nah it’s okay, at least for semester 2, I have 2/3 times being in committee members of the programme. And yes, quite satisfied with my current merit total. It’s not about collecting merit total, it’s more about an experience in handling any events or programme, dealing with many people and organization, so it’s quite challenging and sometimes it makes me turned to be hulk.

Not to forget, having a problem in a relationship. Especially on my birthday is the worst. But nah, I don’t regret. Since I believed, this is my huge and wise decisions that I made. Dealing with people around me who wanted to know why what happened and everything is also miserable for me. But ya, time flies quickly until I have someone else in my life now, nothing much to expect but hopefully things work out this time. Quit doesn’t mean we’re wrong. It just defending yourself and to appreciate yourself. Never be scared to move on, Stop holding something that’s not worth or something that only hurt you or maybe something’s terrible. Stop looking at their good sides, Start thinking about yourself. It’s all about ourselves. No one can care like how we care on our self. So, just believe good things will come one day and never lose in faith. Tettttttt, end about that.

We moved to the most interesting part is the result. Yeah, at first I start my new semester with new hope, new spirit but ya things didn’t work out this time. Maybe next time, I still got a good result. It just me, who expect more and higher than what I achieved right now. But ya sokay since I know how hard programming is.
Having that subject in my sem2 make me cursing here and that especially when doing a lab test. I can’t move on and sitting for the programming paper was the scariest moment in sem2. I don’t know what am I learned for the past 2/3 months. And the question enough to make me want to surrender. I always said to myself and my friends, “This is the most terrible subject in this semester. I’m want to quit. I don’t care whatever grade I got. But, I also don’t want to repeat”

I ever experienced that feeling in semester 1 which is Calculus 1 since I got period pain and also fever in the final examinations week. And yeah, I got B. It same as this time, but so much worse. I got a B-. This subject dragged my pointer down. But it’s okay since I don’t target higher for this time. And alhamdulillah for the good result. I should’ve thanked everyone who’s there during my ups and downs. Always there giving me such good inspirations and motivations, who are there helping me out my bad day, Thank you so much evelibadi. I won’t be like this strong if you guys are not there with me.

As the conclusion of my journey, this semester can be the most semester I deal with many people and I stand alone doing my responsibilities, but then also the terrible semester, but also the sweetest semester since I got new boyfriend hahaha, But at the end, Still Alhamdulillah. It was a great semester.

Soooooo, it’s the end of this post! Do pray for my “kerajinan” to always update my blog even though there’s no one read. But who cares. Hahaha, who knows this post will blow up in the 3/4 years next. Hahahaha such a dreaming! Have a nice day guys.

Mushy Zaini

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