Interview Asasi Pengurusan Part 3 (Your Preparation) - Mushy Zaini

Interview Asasi Pengurusan Part 3 (Your Preparation)

April 15, 2019

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Assalamualaikum and good afternoon guys, I made this post since I get a lot of question from various platform like Gmail, Instagram and Twitter. So, this gonna be the latest one update for your preparation for Interview Asasi Pengurusan UUM. 

First of all, Congratulations for all of you who manage to get to Interview session. Trust me, your rezeki is here. If any of your friend said, "Halah, UUM je pun." Trust me, UUM je pun inilah yang telah melahirkan ramai good manager out there. Back to the main point is. Some of you might be so scared or some of you maybe just "kalau dapat, dapat". Listen here. There's no beautiful result without hard work. So please jangan tawakal awal awal if you are not "struggle" anything at all.

Here are some of your friend's question that I got since a few days, if any of other question you might wanna ask me, Just slide into my dm in Ig (@Musfirahzn) or maybe you can email me in ( and yeah, for whoever asked. I'm 20 now, and currently in second semester. 

1) About pengesahan dokumen

2) Noted this

3) How to answer "Describe yourself"

4) Other question they might ask

If you have another thing to ask. You know where to find me! hehe Best of luck guys :D

Mushy Zaini

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