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Result Semester 1 Okay Ke?

February 26, 2019

Salam guys! I'm back! *while chewing my chewing gum* What I'm gonna story today is more to myself *of course, yourself, this is your blog lmao*. Hahaha, Okay guys! Serious, I'm here again to share with you my semester 1 result in a degree. Basically, for semester 1 I took 6 subjects which are:
Malaysian Nationhood                         (3 credit hours)
 Ethnic Relationship                              (3 Credit Hours)
Calculus 1                                              (4 Credit Hours)
Data and Exploratory                           (3 Credit Hours)
Discrete Mathematics                          (3 Credit Hours)
 English Proficiency II                           (3 Credit Hours) 
Kok-Silat Cekak                                    (1 Credit Hours)

Supposedly, for semester 1 I only need to complete 18 credit hours like be planned in the schedule by the school. But, I don't know what kind of  devil come into my mind and said, "Chill girl, you gonna make some good achievement if you take 20 Credit hours." And, this drives me to take 6 subjects. But yea, I don't wanna scare you guys. For me, 20 credit hours might be okay. Not too heavy like 22 credit hours (max for each sem). So far, I thought, I managed to do everything but, having some difficulties since I need to share my time with games, Instagram and so on and trust me! those only drags you to not studying like me. 

Talking about not studying, I'm not lying. I swear Allah, I don't really study in my free time because I was so busy playing games espc Mobile Legends, singing, watching a youtube video (makeup, influencer, and Vivy Yusof ofcs). So, yeah as you can see, I wasted my time easily just like that. I study only if lecturer like wanna does quizzes, and final. ya only at that time. So can you really see how lazy I am? 

but please don't be a misunderstanding. I'm not here to ask you to be lazy like I am. I just wanna show you that, actually we can do better but we don't want. Why? Because of being the fastest wifi among universities. So, we tend to waste our time for something that doesn't benefit at all. *Yeah, just like I did*. Seriously, I regret it. If and only if I can turn back time, huh. Better not to say. Past is past. and now I'm moving on! 

Plus, I got some stressed when I've been surrounded by a lot of brilliant people and friends around me. By looking at their results, enough for me to feel down as down as I can. I might have a bad feeling like, "Apesal lah diorang macam tu pun result lagi tinggi dari aku" or "Apesal aku tak buat betul betul" or "Kenapa Allah bagi aku sakit haritu kalau tak mesti better grade aku". All this kind of negative thinking bears in my mind almost two weeks until I got relieved. To move on is not easy. because I'm an easygoing person. So, I need my time. 

And now, I'm here telling you guys this all story with deep in my heart there's no more negative thinkings. I tend to be grateful for what I have now and try to improve myself instead of hating myself for something happened. Anyway, why not I just conclude each subject from my own opinion. I bet you, you must don't know what subject I learned. 


3. Calculus 1. further kepada addmaths, maths. lagi mendalam tapi basically, calculus 1 ni more to strong kan basic lah. kalau calculus 1 tak strong susah lah calculus 2 (sem2). Calculus senang cuma entah la, dugaan kan hahahahah. kekadang soalan dia tu entah lah nak cakap. Macam korang jawab addmath ah ha cemtu, btw, this paper core programme.

4. Data exploratory and generalisation. More to about maths yang bahagian statistic. tajuk statistic masa sek men tu ha belajar pasal tu tapi lagi mendalam dan banyak cabang. Senang nak faham. Tapi complicated sebab banyak sangat. This paper pon core programme.

5. Discrete maths. Berkaitan maths jugak. tapi maths yang tidak bernombor ribu riban macam calculus. Discrete more to rules, symbol and number digunakan hanyalah 0 dan 1. Discrete ni use dalam coding mostly. Senang je actually tapi complicated pada certain soalan. Btw, discrete maths ni jugak lah kita belajar on how nak buat wireless bagi lampu menyala, buat timetable schedule exam/tournament bagi tak clash and everything. So best! This is actually programme core and supposed to take it in semester 3 but I already took it like I said before. 

So, here it is! My examinations result. So far, masa first time tengok ye memang tak bersyukur, sebab target lain, dapat lain hahaha. 

Paper calculus memang dah sangat agak dah dapat yang tu hahah sebab I'm having bad period pain masa exam tu. And I just finished it earlier so that I can back to my room and sleep, tambah petang tu pulak paper ethnic. Dengan tak habis study ethnic nya, I back to my room. makan roti, makan ubat pain killer and sleep. Gap masa tu 2jam 30min, sebab hari jumaat. So, lepas bangun tu terus ambik grab pergi exam. Nasib baik dengar member sembang ada lah masuk dua tiga ilmu. Tapi dah masuk sem 2 ni dah tahu dah maksud bersyukur so I'm move on already dah tak sedih dah haha. 

Itu je nak bebel. But overall it is for me semuanya berbalik kepada siapa kita percaya. Which is Allah. Allah takkan bagi apa yang kita nak, tapi Dia beri apa yang kita perlu, Jika mana Dia rasa kita layak terima, Dia beri. Jika tidak, maknanya kita perlu lebih usaha dan jangan menyerah! Fighting! Kalau baca tips, beribu-riban tips dalam google ni cuma tunggu search je, tapi adakah kita sendiri amalkannya? Mesti tak. So, jangan tanya dan jangan menuding jari kepada orang lain instead tuding lah jari dekat diri sendiri. Ubah diri dan sikap kita semua jika nak berjaya :) 

Mushy Zaini

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  1. Wah!! Tahniah ye. Sem lepas pun kita amik subject discrete math. Masa final tu soalan agak susah la jgk. Keep it up ye :)

    1. Thankyou Nar! Kan susah jugak actually huhu. Btw. Thanks!

  2. thniahhh :) , all the best untuk next sem :)


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