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My second day survive!

February 23, 2019

Today's menu

Hello guys! I'm back with my second day being a survivor lol. Basically, it is not really hard but ya I need to letgo other thing to make sure I'm survive. Actually, starting this semester (sem2), I promised myself that I want to full in time playing hockey every evening. Plus, I already fill in my name to borrow hockey stick from Pusat Sukan and already got it by last week. Before I know that I need to survive, I usually went to training, (yaa even I'm noob) but I loved playing it. It just a passion in my life. I never felt tired or burdened. I enjoyed every single moment with a sincere heart. 

I'm here. Still okay! Hehe

But then, after I already looked at my purse and see there's only a small amount left. Then I started to think what should I do. Then I decided to work or maybe sell anything that can make me some profit and based on that profit that can help me to survive for a days coming. When I decided to work and sell anything, it also caused me to stop training because usually I sell a food to students and COD during evening, So it needs me to skip my training and do selling. 

This is not what I wanted. I really want to play hockey even tho I know, I lack in everything. I''m lack in skills, knowledges, rules and confident. But still, I need to slowly pause myself from training until I get my normal life back. It's not a good decision I guess, but this is the only thing that surely I can do instead of asking for my family's money. 

And, guess what! Today's selling, I got profit for RM10. For today, I'm selling Nasi Goreng and Nasi Goreng with Telur. Nasi goreng for RM3.50 and Nasi goreng with telur for RM4.00. I got commision for every pack for 50 Cent. But syukur today I got 18 packs order. So, I successfully tend to get RM10 for my profit today. But, RM10-RM3 (For 1pack Nasi goreng for my dinner).

Yesterday selling profit (RM6)  + Today's profit (RM7) = RM13 for 2 days. Even it's not even a big amount of money but still! I'm proud of myself. I tend to teach myself to find my own money! Seriously, it is a big experience for me! And talking about money, Today I got another problem. Which is, I need to prepare RM50 for my grading class for my martial art's class which is by next Saturday. 

And the only money I have right now is RM37 (My everyday's eat) and RM13 (Profit from my selling). So, I've been thinking if I could make more selling profit before next saturday. And I think, I should save my profit money for my grading fees. RM50-RM13=RM37 more! And now, what I need to think is, finding a seller for me to be their agent especially for the food. Do pray for me! Let us see if I manage to save my profit money for my grading fees! Amin 💚💚💚💚

Mushy Zaini

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