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Tips 3 : Function of Cleansing Oil ?

January 17, 2019

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Hello everyone, Today I'm gonna share with you what are the functions of using Cleansing Oil. As nowadays people keep talking about finding a right cleansing oil, how to use cleansing oil and some other more. Did they really know what is the cleansing oil is all about?

I bet they don't really know about it. Same goes to me, so let's check it out together and let's educate ourselves well from now!

What is Cleansing Oil
Cleansing oil is an oil liquid that been used as the other ways to remove excessive makeup, and clogged pores.

Necessary or not to use cleansing oil
Actually it is not really necessary for all people to use cleansing oil due to some people might have allergic to the oil itself or it can caused them to get tiny bumps on their forehead especially for those combination to oily skin type you are not suggested to use cleansing oil since you will have problem with oil-issues. But, please go ahead for those who didn't have any problem when using cleansing oil especially dry skin/dehydrated skin.

Why we really need cleansing oil
For those who didn't have problem while using cleansing oil, you really need this cleansing oil for you to do double-cleanser method. This is because, our skin is varies with a pores and some of our sunscreen product and makeup might clogged into our pores. By using only a foam/water-based cleanser might not really help you to remove this excessive makeup and skincare product well. 

So, by having cleansing oil you actually help your skin to regenerate well every time you put your skincare product on your skin and help your skin to work more efficiently with the product since your skin is clean and healthy. 

How do oil cleanse our skin
Oil not only act as to moisture but it acts as a good solvent. Since our skin might have an excessive oil from makeup and during on sunny day, this cleansing oil can help to remove all this excessive oil from our skin very well. 

Function & Benefits of Cleansing Oil
-Really good in removing such excessive heavy makeup or sunscreen 
-Leave skin smooth and clean
-Compatible with any of others cleanser 

Baby oil is cleansing oil?
Answer is no. because baby oil have fragrance and mineral oil that can cause our skin to get tiny bumps especially in forehead. while the good cleansing oil should be made from botanic ingredients and don't have fragrance and mineral oil. 

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Suggest the best cleansing oil
1. Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Oil (Japan)
2. MUJI Cleansing Oil (Japan)
3. Shu Eumura Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Cleansing Oil
4. Bobbi To Go Soothing Cleansing Oil
5. Clinique

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What are product that people keep using 
1. Biore Cleansing oil (Purple in color) 
I've tried. And so bad since it has fragrance and mineral oil that end-up caused tiny bumps on my forehead
2. Simple Cleansing oil
Already tried. Free fragrance but have mineral oil. Also caused me tiny bumps on my forehead. but I loved it since it caused my skin really clean but ya mineral oil is the problem

But please go ahead with this two for those who didn't have allergic to mineral oil. Thankyou
Hope this sharing session can help you well for your skin

Mushy Zaini

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