Hangout 4 : PotterHead Malaysia - Harry Potter Cafe in Malaysia - Mushy Zaini

Hangout 4 : PotterHead Malaysia - Harry Potter Cafe in Malaysia

August 20, 2018

Hello and good afternoon guys! Today I want to share with those who really love Harry Potter. As we know, Harry Potter place can only be visit in Osaka which is in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Osaka, Japan. But, let me tell you something that others people don't know. Right now, in Penang. There is one cafe which is name as Potterhead Malaysia. You can go there and have an experience to be like Harry Potter!

Name : PotterHead Malaysia
Location : 11, Lebuh Keng Kwee, George Town,
10100 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Fees Entry : FREE
Type : Cafe 

Main menu there of course Butter Beer 
This one you must try!

Butter beer (Cold) RM12 ONLY
You can have waffle, nugget and popcorn-waffle

Here is some of 'pemandangan' sekitar Potterhead Cafe. It was so nice to take a picture there. You can stalk my picture in below hehe

Here is Nugget with Cheese only RM6 you know! Hehhe 

With my friends, also my new friend. Hazlin. She's the one who brought us there. Very friendly and talkative, Thank you hazlin for bringing ma and farah alia there hehe.

Mushy Zaini

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  1. oooohmai this place is awesome. yang asal dok Penang ni x penah tahu ada.. too old to enjoy Harry Potter tapi tak pedulik !! nak kena pegi jugak..

  2. Butterbeer ni boleh minum ke? Sbb selalu ada alchol. Huhu nka pergiii

    1. Huhu actually we don't know too. but if I'm not mistaken there is halal logo there :) And they are homemade without using alcohol. But if you want to make it more sure, you can ask them again for confirmation :D

  3. do you sell the herry potter item??

  4. do you sell the harry potter item?

    1. um no. I'm not the seller. I just a guest