Food Review : Mr. Dakgalbi - Mushy Zaini

Food Review : Mr. Dakgalbi

August 12, 2018

Hasil carian imej untuk mr.dakgalbi

Cafe : Mr.Dakgalbi
Type : Korean Food

What is Mr.Dakgalbi
Mr. Dakgalbi is one of korean food and brand which is using a combination of rice and ramen as their main dishes. Also have two types of dakgalbi which is fried rice set and main course set. Fried rice set have fried rice, ramen, cheese while main course set have dakgalbi, ramen, cheese and fried rice. The differ within this two is the main one. For the fried rice set the main dishes is fried rice while for main course set, the main dishes is dakgalbi itself. Dakgalbi in korean means Chicken. 

 Be cook in the same pan with the same spice and be added by how many cheese do you want. You can add-in more cheese/rice/ramen if you want and it will cost you by ala-carte. Also comes with a bowl of salad, and bulgogi if I'm not mistaken. And suits for those who want to try korean food. Suggested for family members date. 

1. Setia Walk 2. Citta Mall
3. Setapak PV128 4. Tropicana City Mall
5. Setia City Mall 6. Publika
7. Ioi City Mall 8. Mytown
9. Gurney Plaza 10. AEON Bandaraya
11. Pearl Point City Mall 12. DPulze Shopping Centre
13. Aman Central 14. Ipoh AEON 15. Sunway Pyramid

How To Order
by package according to your family members. Usually, packages for 2-3 person can be eat for 4/5 person. 1/2 person might be too many to eat. 

What I always eat
Almost 3 times I went there, and usually I chose the original package one which is according to how much members do I had on that time. But usually, I took RM49 for 2-3 persons as our meals. And it good enough for everyone. Takde yang balik tu berlapar. haha. 

for the main course set : price starting from RM67-RM124
For fried rice set : price starting from RM47-92
*Price according to the pax
8/10 a bit pricey but so good!

Will repurchase (?)
Ofcourse bila bila masa rasa nak makan korean food hehe.

Mushy Zaini

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  1. teringin nak makan lagi tapi mahal hahahaha

    1. makan lah. ajak kengkawan ke family members sekali, Haritu saya dan kawan makan package paling murah yg fried rice set, rm49 tu kitorang makan 6 orang. cukup jee hehehe. Time tu tengah food travel haaha.


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