Day 8 : Lists your high and low in this year (2018)

June 11, 2018

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Assalamualaikum and good afternoon, my dear blogger ! Sorry for suddenly pausing my blogging challenge. For today I’ll continue my blogging challenge for the day Eight. Day 8 : List my high and low for this year (2017)

List of my high
Got Dekans every semester in my foundation year
Successfully participate in University’s Programme in collaboration with Minister of Education
Being dancer for Malam Bakat Asasi
Successfully give fund to needed people as I wish for

List of my low
Got B in my philosophy subject
Get know that I’m having Scoliosis

So far I think, that’s it only. Because for me I didn’t really bother with what happened in my life as I always think that whatever happened in my life is a part of “Test by God” so, I do live my life happily and try to learn from the lesson.

Love, Mushy 

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