Day 10 : Post 5 celebrities you find attractive

June 11, 2018

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon guys! For this time blogging challenge, I would like to share with you Post 5 celebrities you find attractive”. Here I want to post the most attractive celebrities that I really loved. So, let’s see!

1. Zara Zya
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Because she's very beautiful eventho she has a fair skin but I love to see her action. 

2. Farah Nabilah

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because she's so beautiful and I love her voice. Lakonan dia mula disedari bila dia berlakon sebagai watak utama. Dan kini, beliau berjaya bawa semua watak dengan sempurna. And she's so humble !

3. Amyra Rosli

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because she's so fucking beautiful and so sweet dengan Amar. She's look clingy and sweet but after having a baby rn I see she's more matured and mommy mommy gitu.

4. Syafiq Kyle

Image result for syafiq kyle
Because he's so handsome and semua lakonan dia jadi!

5. Alvin Chong

Image result for alvin chong
He's the only one chinese that I love to see his action. Very perfect eventho kayu sikit kekadang tapi still he's so handsome omg!

So, here's mine. What are yours? Do share with me 💔💔

Love, Mushy

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