Review 4 : MUJI Milk Moisturizer - Mushy Zaini

Review 4 : MUJI Milk Moisturizer

May 31, 2018

Hasil carian imej untuk muji moisturizing milk

Hi and good morning guys. For today entry, I would like to share with you guys the product that I used in my daily routine.

MUJI Milk Moisturizing - High Moisture

First of all let me tell you guys, this is one of the korean product that I love so much. This MUJI functions as moisturizer to keep our skin moist all over the time. 

It contains 3 types of MUJI Milk Moisturizing 
a. High Moisture
b. Moisture
c. Light

a. High Moisture *currently I used

Prices : 
RM24.90 200ml
RM55.60 400ml 
RM14.90 50ml - 1 months using
-For those who have a really dry skin
-Keep our skin moisture and not crease

b. Moisture

Prices :
RM32.90 200ml
RM55.90 400ml
RM11.50 50ml
-For combination skin oily/dry
-Moderate your skin. Not too moisture and still maintain the dryness

c. Light

Prices :
RM24.90 200ml
RM55.90 400ml
RM11.90 50ml
-For oily skin 
-Moderate your skin and lighten the moist skin. Light and best to apply to maintain your skin for not looking too oily

💐 Direction using 💐

-Apply by hand to your skin
-After cleansing your face
-After applying Serum/Essence
-Before applying Sunscreen

💐 Morning Routine by Musfirah 💐

1. Cleaning your skin by Cleansing Foam
2. Apply Day Serum *any type
3. Apply MUJI Milk Moisturizing
4. Apply Sunscreen

💐 Night Routine by Musfirah 💐

1. Cleaning your skin by Cleansing oil
2. Cleaning your skin by Cleansing foam
3. Apply Night serum
4. Apply MUJI Milk Moisture
5. Apply Night mask

How Do I Rate
10/10 🌹

My Comment
Im using High Moisture because I have a really dry skin and this moisturizer really keeps my skin looks healthier
 and not drying anymore. Really recommended for those who searching for the best Moisturizer. I loved it 💖💖💖

Thankyou MUJI for your best product.

How to Purchase???
 For those interesting to buy this product. you can check on ig @thebeautystuffxo by Iman Abdul Rahim 🐺
or walk-in Pavillion Elite Bukit Ampang, Mid Valley Megamall, 1Utama, Avenue K, Sunway Pyramid also at Suria KLCC. This product not yet in any drugstore because Its still early they come to Malaysia. Also can buy from any personal shopper in Shopee 💁

Disclaimer : This is not a paid review. This is my own review. I bought it and used it for a month and now I make this review to share with you guys. No jajjjjj. 

Love, Mushy 🌹

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  1. ada baca jugak pasal produk ni tapi mcm mahal je hehehehe kalau ok why not kan

    1. mahal but worth. RM11.90 50ML tahan sebulan 🤗🤗🤗 U should try 😍


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