Officially Done My Foundation Level - Mushy Zaini

Officially Done My Foundation Level

May 26, 2018

Assalamualaikum and good evening guys! After long time no see you guys, I am really sorry for the late reply, late blogwalking and if you asked me about my segment. It's still on until this 30th May 2018. So for those whoever didnt joining us, you can join us now. Be part of my bloglist also be part as our friends 💕💕

For today post, I would like to share about my farewell Asasi for my foundation and also my overall rate of my foundation.

Actually, I feel like yesterday I came to this Pusat Asasi Pengurusan and having an interview, waiting for my turn about 6hours, waiting for the result of upu and all was hovering in my mind right now. How time flies so fast as I couldn't believe that I actually was done with my first level of studies. *Can I crying rn?*

A lot of achievement, challenges and memory that I got during my one year with Asasian. I might be the one who are very useful in my batch but I was happy with myself because finally I can finished all of this within one year. people may say that my foundation is not really tough as foundation of science, but whatever it is I would honestly said that, this foundation is not really tough and not heavy like Sciences. But, that doesnt mean that people can score anything easily. If you said this foundation is easy so, the students result absolutely must be 4.00 flat right? but still there are some of us still can't get it. so, it's up for whoever want to comparing our foundation because for me, having this foundation not meaning that you aren't good enough but actually this foundation teach you how to be a real person that think like a men not only referring to the facts.

Actually, the reasons why I chose myself to be in this foundation because I was really excited whenever my seniors came to my sch and said that right now they are doing their foundation and will fly to oversea after this blablabla. and me as a student, ofcs feels very inspired with them.

As I was an account student and my English was B+, I dont get the chances to further my studies under MARA Scholarship. At first , I was really disappointed but after a week thinking, I believed Allah have a better plan for me. As I choosing my UPU, I realise actually I still can doing a foundation in this two University which is UUM and UIAM.

After I checked the results and finally I got to place myself in UUM, I believed that Allah has put me in the way that I really want in mylife. As I really want to be in foundation under MARA, And I dont get it. Then, he gave me this, foundation under Government. And as I wish I dont want to invest my parents money in mystudies also been accepted. I only used the allowance given by the government to have my own needs also to eat and pay anything.

Next level would be harder than this but I Thanked Allah as he always keep my Du'a and fulfill it in future for my own benefit. right now, I still hoping that in future I can be someone who can make my family proud of me, someone who can inspire more people out there. and also someone who can rejuvenate the young spirit to love study and chase for their ambition.

All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you for those who always there when I need, who always motivate me when Im down and for those who always keep praying for my best in future 💕💕💕

Lots of love, Mushy

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  1. Congrats Mushy !!!
    May Allah swt ease everything for you ^^

    1. Thanks a lot for your wish Wanie, I might not be knowing you but hearing your wishes really makes my heart feel very happy. thanks again and I hope both of us be ease by Allah in our future 😍🎉💕💕💕

  2. yeay!! congratss wish you all the best in what ever you do next next next in ur life

    1. Thanks Cara for your wishes heheh 🌹💖

  3. Hi dear, hari tu ada tanya pasal kos bisnes maths kan? actually akak tak tau sgt peluang kerjaya utk students bisnes maths tapi rasanya peluang pekerjaan tu banyak je bila cari dekat jobstreet mmg demand tinggi.

    1. ohhh okay i see hehe. Thankyou kak 💖💖💖

  4. congratulations for you sist, may be more victorious .. aamiin


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