Post 20 : Sehari Bersama Rumah Gemilang ADIK, Sik, Kedah - Mushy Zaini

Post 20 : Sehari Bersama Rumah Gemilang ADIK, Sik, Kedah

April 15, 2018

Hi and good evening guys ! For today post I would like to share with you guys that my classmates and I went to one of the NGO Orphanage named, Rumah Gemilang Pertubuhan Didikan dan Asuhan Anak-Anak Yatim Islam Daerah Sik, Kedah. 

Venue : Sik, Kedah
Date : 13th April 2018
Time : 7am-6pm
organizer : 30 Fluffiers, Asasian 17/18 UUM
Orphanage Student : 78 Students

Our journey started when we woke up earlier in the morning like 5.45am and take a bath and ready for Subuh and breakfast. Then we rushed to gate because the external busses are not allowing to enter the university, so we already rent our friends car and went to the gate ((it's actually a last minutes plan bcs we also got the information that we can't get the University bus, one day before tomorrow importance day. can you imagine? of course its so miserable at first. but alhamdulillah we believed that Allah want to test us, our persistence, patience and our sincerity to went there for a good nawaitu was very much helped by Allah for us to solve each of the problem wisely. Alhamdulillah. ))

When we arrived there, the thing that we was expected because they came and welcomed us so friendly from we stepped our first step on the land with their big smiles and 'hulurkan' their hand to 'bersalaman' with us. For me, I just felt very proud and how very kind they are. At first, our programme was not happened as planned because of several of them have tuition and some of them just finished from their tuition class so it was just like a miserable moment when we need to noticed who are going to tuition and so on. and this also need us to change a little bit about our plan so that it can still happen as planned. So, what we chose is, having a bonding time first before we got an explorace and it's actually a great plan because it went well. All of them were very happy and some of them recognized me well. 

What can I said about them is, I am proud having time with them, I am proud to their Mama because she successfully taught and shaped them in a great boy and girl. The way they taking care their Solat, be punctual in Surau for their Asar' really makes me feels proud of them. I missed the moment when me and my friends, juniors, seniors having a jemaah prayer together in Surau, recite Al-Quran together, having some Ceramah&Qasidah together, it was really a valueable experienced that I ever had. And for sure I will not forgot it. I really really missed all of them. 😓😢😢

The most I remembered is, one of them told me, "Kak Mus, periksa kan saya dapat 9E 1D, saya lemah matematik, saya tak tahu nak darab, bahagi." actually Im speechless. I don't blame them because I knew, no one asked to be like them, but seriously adik, If Sik and UUM is nearer, I will always go to you every weekend and teach you even thats not a big effort from me. But still, I can help you and give you another Ilmu like other kids have. You should and worth to have the same knowledge like others. I felt sad because, while others are playing in their lesson, you are close to being in search of knowledge with a thousand obstacles. How unlucky you are now, but percayalah adik. I will always pray for you guys semoga korang sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki jika bukan didunia biarlah di akhirat sana. Doa kalian tiada hijab langsung di sisi Allah, dik. A day with you guys cukup lah makes me realize that I need to be grateful for what I have now. Not only complained and keep complained. 

thats no enough playing and having a time with you guys dalam masa sehari, kerana sehari kegembiraan belum tentu dapat tutup kesedihan 8tahun sebelum. Maafkan khilaf kami.

Salam Rindu dari Asasian 17/18 💗

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