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Review 3 : WOW Skin Vitamin Serum Set

April 13, 2018

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم   

Hi and good morning guys ! As well as the title shown. This is a review that I made when I've try about 3 week for this WOW Skin Vitamins Serum Set. 

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Seperti yang you guys lihat packaging and the box is simple but nice. Dalam setiap box of WOW Skin Serum ni ada dua botol serum which is for a day and night serum. 



WOW Skin Serum 

-Contains 15ml each bottle
-Contain for Day & Night Serum

Normal pice : RM120
Promo Price : RM70
Exclude postage

1. WOW Skin Vitamin Skin Serum : Day Serum

Day Serum Ingredient

Vitamin B3 - Anti-Redness, Immune Boosting,Skin glowing and Antioxidant
Vitamin C - Collagen Boosting, Improves textures and Skin Hydrating
Vitamin E - Skin Firmings, Anti-dark spots, and Treats sunburn

Step-by-step Day :
1. Low PH Cleanser
2. WOW Skin Day Serum
3. Moisturizer
4. Sunblock

1. WOW Skin Vitamin Skin Serum : Night Serum

Night Serum Ingredient
Vitamin A - Anti-wrinkles, skin smoothing, Anti-Dryness and Decrease sebum
Vitamin D - Reduce acne, Anti-inflammatory and Cells repairing

Step-by-step Night :
1. Oil Cleansing
2. Cleanser
3. WOW Skin Night Serum
4. Moisturizer
5. Sunblock


Cara pemakaian

1. Titiskan satu titik ke dua-dua belah pipi muka, dahi, hidung dan dagu.
2. Oleskan ke wajah
3. Dap dap dap ke muka
4. Biarkan 10saat dan mula pakai moisturizer

Rating from me


This serum is very good for my skin because it treats my skin to get no sunburn during the day eventho I went for a trip/Programme that oppose me to Sunlight. But, it is a long-term using and you only can see the different after 1/2 months after. But still, I am falling in love with this serum and pls pray for me so that I can keep repurchase this item 💘💘💘😍


Disclaimer : This is not a paid-review instead this is my own review for my blogger. I bought using my own money and I am eager to know and try this serum and Alhamdulillah it works for me.

Love, Mushy 👄

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  1. itu hari gi ladang... kena sunburn... baca info kat sini. tq

  2. Apa-apa jenis serum pun memang penting untuk kulit wajah

  3. Assalamualaikum, Tumpang iklan sis ����

    Untuk dapatkan special Promo WOWSKIN, boleh klik di bawah

    1. Yaa for those yg nampak this iklan. plssss you should try!

  4. Hai mushy ! Nk tnya , u pkai serum tu tahan smpai brp bulan?

    1. Hi Afiqah! This serum can be used for about 2 months.


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