Post 19: Program RNR Asasian 17/18 - Mushy Zaini

Post 19: Program RNR Asasian 17/18

April 13, 2018

Hi and good afternoon guys ! Im back with my next post which is RnR Asasian Batch 17/18


Venue: Bandar Tasik Darulaman, Jitra
Time: 7am-6pm
Date: 7th April 2018
Organizer: Exco Discipline and its AJK

Flow of Activities
-Ice Breaking with new group members
-Bonding Time w Asasian

This activities and programme that have been organized by the Asasian Members of Discipline, is a great platform for Asasian to make sure that we can have a bonding time together also be friends to each other. Additionally, the program also taught me to work together as well as to recognize the batch-friend's attitude and kindness. 

I love this programme.because this program helps me recognize and become close to one batch before stepping into the realm of the degree. Hopefully this bonding time will further strengthen our fellow citizens regardless of their undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Love, Mushy 👄

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