Post 18 : Its your wedding day , Kakak - Mushy Zaini

Post 18 : Its your wedding day , Kakak

April 13, 2018

The day that all of us waiting for. It's your wedding day kakak. A Big Congratulation for both of you guyss !!!

Me and mama after we got conteng-conteng on our faces. 

Thanks for our sponsored in this wedding day 
Sponsored : Mama & Kakak
1. Outfit : Baju kurung peplum Ikan : Mama
2. Shoes : Heels pink shoes : Mama
3. Scarf : Igshop id remember : Mama 
4. Innerneck : Also igshop id remember : Mama
5. Henna Inai : My sister 
6. Makeup looks : Mama

This pelamin my sister got in the good packages .

Wedding Packages 
1. Pelamin ((You can asked for your own fav and change whatever you want))
2. Meja makan Pengantin ((also if you want to change a bit))
3. VVip Guests meja 
4. Meja kek and cakes 

My grandma sponsored by Kakak 
1. Scarf 
2. Maxi Dress

Btw. this my lil brother, his name/ Muhd Darwisy 👀

Their outfit : 
1. Material : Songket from Jakel
2. Scarf : Igshop idk
3. Veil Material : Jakel
4. Veil made : Boutique
5. Both tailor : Jimmy Tailor
6. Bride shoes : Igshop idk 
7. Flower hand : Boutique FOC 

Again, their outfit also been planned by my sister as she want to save her money to dont really invest too much money on the outfit and also she didnt want to rent a dress bcs it costy. 

Love, Mushy 👄

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