Makeup 1 : Simple Looks Makeup (Focallure & Drugstore Stuff )

April 14, 2018

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Hi and good evening guys, Here I would like to share with you my makeup looks ((I Mean my ugly first trying)) This makeup I made by my own. using several types of makeup. 

Feel free to leave your own blog post in my comment box below for me to learn/correct my makeup looks. 

My problem :
1. idk how to draw my brows. Its hard actually and I dont have a specific item to draw my brows.
2. I wore only light foundation and I hate too much foundation on my face. 
3. I have problem on my eyelid bcs it dont shape as  others. ((Only if you can see the different))
All the makeup stuff I used is only in drugstore bcs Im scared to use any item that arent listed in drugstore. 

Makeup Stuff 
Foundation : Bourjois Foundation Serum 
Lip : Nivea Lipbalm& HerCaptain.Official
Eyeliner : Focallure Gel Eyeliner
Eyeshadows : Focallure Summer Pallete
Highlighter : Maybelline Strobing Highlighter
Blush : Maybelline Blusher
Mascara : Eye opener Mascara Maybelline

Rating to myself 

How do you rate me ? 😇😇😆 Feel free to comment below !

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