Day 5 | Blogging Challenge : What is your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality

April 21, 2018

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Hey ! I'm a baby Taurus because of I born on 6th May year 99. First of all, there must be some of you being dispute about what my post is all about, why I need to choose to post a zodiac sign and related my own life with this western knowledge, right? Listen people, by writing this post doesn't means that I am very obsessed with this sign and also what had been written. And doesn't means that what they said are true. Only us know is it ourselves is related with the personality listed by them or not. Just take it as a knowledge and not to obviously believe on this. Thanks 💖

Before I start my discussion about my own zodiac sign and it's personality, I would say that I have ever red this before since I was kids, and when I red, there are some of this psychological observation are really compatible with me. So, what are they? Let's find out below. 

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1. Taurus will always do whatever they can do to cheer you up
this looks unreliable because sometimes we also don't know is it we really cheer someone in sad/problem or not. But, for this statement I would rate 50% because Idk.

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2. When a Taurus likes you it's not obvious. They'll sit back and watch you to make sure you're the one
for this statement. I strongly believe on this because ya. I'm like this. If I want to find someone to love, it's really easy for me. Once I see them, I'll directly falling in love with them. But, that's because I see them in one view. When I sit and think again and again and observe them for another view, my heart will slowly fading away because I no have any love with them because I get to know something that I don't see in first time but I see in next next time. So, it's hard for Taurus and Me to fall in love again even though you give me Ronaldo. And that's a reasons why, I still keep in touch with my Prince right now, even he's not handsome like Aaron Aziz but still, because of his good heart for me want to keep waiting gituw haha. But seriously, I would rate this 100% true !

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3. Don't let the calm Taurus fool you into thinking they're harmless. When provoked, they are like an atomic bomb
I would rate this 100% to. It's very related with me. Take noted guys 😂😂😂

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4. If a Taurus smells even the slightest bit of insincerity coming from you, they will walk far, far away.
And this is me. Seriously I hate people doing something without their own heart and paham tak ayat "Buat kerja tak ikhlas" ya it's something like this! It doesn't means dari segi kerja or anything. for a whole, I will walk far from you. because I hate Insincerity !

And here is some of personality that suits me well ! 

Image result for taurus tumblr   Image result for taurus tumblr  Image result for taurus tumblr
Image result for taurus tumblr  Image result for taurus tumblr  Image result for taurus tumblr

So that's all. Whose taurus here? is it your personality same with me? haha.


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