Day 4 | Blogging Challenge : What is your Favourite Comfort Foods and Why?

April 21, 2018

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Assalamualaikum and hi ! For today blogging challenge, I'll list up to you guys what is my favourite comfort foods and why. As we know, food is one of our survival thing that we need in life but, still not all food give us a sentimental and nostalgic value to us. What is meaning by favourite comfort foods is a food that give us some sentimental and nostalgic value in ourselves and also a food where it's less preparations and high carbohydrate. So, let discuss about it !


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Because this is my favorite ! Especially laksa janggus in Penang and Also Laksam that were made by my grandma-in-law *haritu haha. Seriously, Sedap gila.

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Chicken Soup
Sebab my grandma penah buat masa kecik-kecik and so delicious !!!!! Sampai sanggup ratah saja kuah dia haaha.

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Mashed Potato 
Sebab makan kat kfc then sedap yummy and pernah sekali tu baiduri buat, sedap jugak pandai weh dia masak huhu.

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Caramel Cake
This my favourite yow! Sumpah, beli lah caramel cake dekat I okay hehe

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Baked Macaroni Cheese
This too! My favourite sebab sedap gila and kalau dapat sorang. No share okay. Haritu pergi maktab then cikgu apa entah buat, sumpah sedap gila! kalau takde cikgu dah lama aku habiskan hahah.

So, that's all my favourite comfort foods that's less preparation but still yummy!, Do comment yours 💥😜

Love, Mushy

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