Day 3 | Blogging Challenge : What are your pet peeve?

April 20, 2018

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Assalamualaikum and good afternoon guys! Do you see the picture above? haha. It's refer to my blogging challenge right now, as titled "What are your pet peeve is?" it's refer on what the things that makes you feel very annoying in your life ((my life because my blog kekeke)).
Before I list my pet peeve for you guys read, I just want to let you know, I have too much pet peeve and Here I list for you guys, what are my pet peeve:

Things that pet peeve me 

  • Seeing a cockroach walking in front of me, Seriously Sumpah! My heart will beat faster like Sakit Jantung! And it’s really annoyed me!!!!
  • The moment I am eating fish/chicken. And I saw a red/blood even kering/basah. Serious, I will stop eating on the spot. *Ia sangat mematikan selera saya
  • When I’m sleeping, and I’m awake with other noises
  • People drive slowly.
  • People screaming like Pontianak
  • See any spot or area that is not clean, cluttered and dirty.
  • Hear someone’s fight

So, there are some and my obvious pet peeves in myself that I really hate. So, please ppl around me. Behave yourself. I’m a miss perfect and, I hate dirty, miserable, unclean, untidy, and all un-un Bahahaha. That’s all.

Love, Mushy

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