Day 2 | Blogging Challenge : Where were you like to be in 10 years?

April 19, 2018

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Assalamualaikum and morning guys! I'm sorry because supposed to be yesterday is my second blogging challenge. But, I'm busy with my own scheduled as I went to Malam Cinta Rasul from Ustaz Syeikh. So, I qada' my blogging challenge Day 2 for today. First, when I got "where were you like to be in 10 years" I just dreaming and hoping the best in my life,

As now I just finished my Foundation level. and will continue my studies to the next level which is Degree so, what I'm planning that I want to do Accounting Information System (AIS) or maybe Business Mathematics. Then if I have a chance to continue my studies in AIS so, after my degree level which is it will end up in 2022. Then maybe I have a bond with my scholarship bodies Idk how long it is. but, I want to continue my studies in ACCA and hoping for the next scholarship for me. So, idk when it'll end. but maybe the max time is I take it 3 years. so, 2022+3 years=2025 and on that year I'm 26 years old. and after that, 3 years more to complete my next 10 years as titled above. So, maybe I will be an Accountant in any company as I wish, or maybe I am a Mathematicians. and I just don't know yet.

But, what can I say, for the next 10years? I will be with my own family and with a job that I dream before. And as the picture above, New Zealand. I really want to live there, Idc even just for my master/ what. But seriously I want to go there as it's my dream since I was kids. so, hopefully, what I said now can be real in my future. Ameen!

Because I knew. If I want to go there now, It's very impossible. because I'm nothing. I’m not from a wealthy family and for sure I don't get any chances to go there if not for a study purpose. I believed in Allah. As Allah know how much I want to go there. And I really hope that Allah will fulfill my wishes. because I don't get this chance to go there in my degree studies because I got bonded by my scholarship bodies. So, I hope my "rezeki" will be in my next-next level studies.

To summarize, where were I like to be in 10 years is in New Zealand & Malaysia 💗💗💗

Love, Mushy

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