Day 1 | Blogging Challenge : Discuss my relationship

April 18, 2018

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Assalamualaikum and a very good evening guys! On my first day blogging challenges, I need to discuss on my own relationship, as you know I never revealed my lover in this blog before and only in Instagram and only in the stories, The reasons why I don't really want to spread it to others because of, I don't want any 3rd parties in our relationship. So, just let it be.

First of all, as this is the challenge that I need to accept. Let me discuss with you on how I met my lover. The story began when I'm in Form1 and only went to the school ((the same sch like my lover)). He is the one of the PRS or we known as Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya which is the organization who are contributing to counseling matters also participate in new student registrations,

To make it a real story, I saw him when my batch is having an LDK ((Latihan Dalam Kumpulan)). And we got each one of the PRS members as our guide, But, my lover is not my group's guide. But, the reasons why I can saw him on that time because of he's always smiling and laughed. Even others didn't make any jokes. So, I found that he is very cheerful and happening person,

As I'm having any problem at that time, and he can easily laugh and make silly jokes, I  thought that he hid his grief over joy. And that thing makes me realize that there is still a person can hide their problems besides their own happiness. whereas me, only continue in blaming the fate.

So, starting from that day, I already determined that I want and need to know that guy. When the school holiday, I say hello to him on Facebook. and from that, I found that he's very Poyo. But still, I want to know him, So, we change our phone number to each other and continue in the message, Starting from that time that I think I am falling in love with him.

So, since the day I pm on Facebook which is in 2012 until now, 2018 we still in touch. I didn't put any high expectations on him but What I really hope is, the best ending for our relationship.
Even now, we didn't declare anything. it just going the flow, and I believed in him and his love.
So, That's all

p/s: I don't want to be proud of our relationship even tho it's already about 5 years. But, I just hope the best for us :)

Love, Mushy.

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