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April 18, 2018

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A very good evening guys ! I'm here again to accept the 15 Days Blogging Challenges !
This challenges was accepted as I think this challenge can help me and also others to think wider than now about their future and also take any lessons from my own stories ! So why not?

This challenges will start on 18th April until 2nd May. Why I choose to make it only 15-days?
It is because there are only 16days left for me to have very fastest wifi connection since I'm in my university. So, I need to take this challenge !
hehehe. Have fun :D
Just click on the title below to find out the post , Feel free to leave your comment below 💖

Day 7 - Write 15 Facts about yourself
Day 8 - Lists your high & low in this year 
Day 9 - How have you changed over the past year? Shares pictures?
Day 10- Post 5 celebrities you find attractive
Day 11 -List your goals for the next 30 days
Day 12 - List your fav drugstore product
Day 13 - If I have $1,000,000,000 to spend. What would it be?
Day 14 - Do you agree with Asasi or Matriks ?

p/s : Kalau ada soalan lain/ any challenge. do let me know. so feel free to leave your comment below.
have fun 
love, Mushy

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  1. salam.
    hi musfirah..yaya singgh smbil folow sini jga
    smt bkenalan ye.. =) nak pnggil ape ni? mus? firah? hehe

    1. Hi yaya ! Thanks yaya :D
      Panggil mus je hehehe


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