Post 15 : Sepetang Lepak-ing - Mushy Zaini

Post 15 : Sepetang Lepak-ing

March 03, 2018

hi guys ! it's been like a week I don't have any classes except for practising my muet. so, here again, spending our time to have a walk at least it can lease my bored. hahaha. 

Seriously this week really go flowing the flow w/o any work to do. and yeah ofcs for the girl like me, it's kinda boring right. I went to play hockey yesterday. and will again playing hockey for tomorrow. Even I'm not perform like hek like others but it's a great idea rather than staying in the room and keep on watching drama. 

view from dewan besar Muadzam Shah. One thing I love being in UUM is the scenery here. really relaxing our mind. 

ni without editting ! See the sun is gonna branched into 6 shadows, Whats amazing !

p/s : Naseb tudung behave kalau tidak haiyakkkk kasi sepak sikit hahahahah

why so serious baby ! Relax we are here to relax our mind hahah. Btw, tomorrow is the day whether we'll get our Result for Semester II. Hoping that everything gonna be alright and no one will repeat paper any paper for this semester. and hopefully I got 3.50 above again to maintain my CGPA soon !!!!! Please do pray for me :( Like seriously, result pls be kind with me tomorrow :'(

p/s : We are in padang Depan Dewan Muadzam Shah, UUM. Yaa the best place to lepak-ing. Sometime we got a family there so we play with their children like just now. there's a cute boy 2years old came and willing me to run after him. then I got massage from him hahaah also he surrender to follow us back to our college rather than following his parent back home. whats suprising hahhaa. you really cute and amazing, my dear Adam. Semoga jadi anak soleh dapat belajar masuk universiti and make your parent proud of you ! I pray for you, a short time we met enough to show me that you will be someone  who is very tough and will do anything for someone he love. Till we meet again , :D

p/s : I have a picture with him, but, it's quiet privacy for him and his family, So, I don't.

Love, Mushy.

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