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Post 12 : New Semester Guys !

February 25, 2018

Assalamualaikum and happy new semester to me ! 
also to my batch, last semester to strive for. 
I have not blogging long ago, after about two month or more, hihih. 
Even there is no any person read my blog, but it is my pleasure to write down anything that come in my mind and able to let me express my feeling.. But there is no any secret or personal things that I let myself leak in blogger, it just a memory to be remember in upcoming time.

new semester with new dream? maybe. my dream just wanna have some free time and able to arrange my time wisely so that I will be able to blogging everyday like this is my main diary hahah. Talking about the last semester, actually it was really hectic and creepy semester ever. em hopefully my result will be kind as I am so kind with the semester hahaha. 
ofcourse, Idw to repeat any paper especially philosophy. For me, it was quiet tough and also my problem with reading subject. hopefully everything is fine ! Ameen 😓😊

This last and 3rd semester, I will facing four simple but busy subject which is English, Critical Thinking, General Studies and Community Development. Please be kind ya, I have a very high motivation now, so please don't ruin everything hehehe. 

Looking at my face, actually, I realize that time flies so fast as I actually didn't really recognized any changes in my face since primary sch then high school and now I am in university. It seems like I have a looks now, better looks maybe hahaha 😂😂😜 because I don't really satisfied as everytime I look at my face and I think "Your face is always like that, any changes babe?" hahahaha. 

I don't really mind with how I express my look or any cloth I wear. Just, I want that my intelligent can impress all my body,soul and looks to someone who is beauty with brain. yaa hopefully, 
maybe someday inward. em em . 😌😌😌

Yaa nothing more to say, just sharing my excitement to start a new semester with new product from drugstore hahaah. Wanna have a look? Next entry maybe. Just to share some of my current product from drugstore which is priceless and worth with quality, packaging, effect and price of course. Stay tuned ! 

Love, Mushy.

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