Post 9 : Mohe Elcra 2017 English Carnival - Mushy Zaini

Post 9 : Mohe Elcra 2017 English Carnival

November 28, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hi. today just want to share about our first English Carnival that having in UUM, I am the one who had took part in this English Carnival. Eventhough, I didnt involved directly but actually I am also the one who joined and involved indirectly in this English Carnival. 

Let me explained a little bit about MOHE ELCRA 2017 A.k.a English Carnival. 
MOHE ELCRA stands for Minister of Higher Education (MOHE) and Elcra i forgot hehe,
This carnival is the first in the Malaysia that involved all the Public University in Malaysia.  In this carnival, we were having some interesting competitiom like drama, having a booth and some game. This carnival actually want people and especially students to involve more in English and perform well. This carnival also want to be the main pulse for student who is weak in English and increasing their confidence in English. 

I am a foundation student, and we were involving this carnival to be a flashmob group to do some performance for the opening ceremony. in this opening ceremony, we were having our MOHE, as our guest of honour. it was really exciting and memorable events because actually, we succeed to invite our MOHE to join and dancing with us. it was really a big applause from us and valuable appreciation because she was really happy enjoying our performance, we also got some chances to take a selfie and get her appreciation thanks. she really happy and she loved it ! Omg, i cant imagine it until now hehe.

I do not regret spending time with practice and finally getting the award like this. hehe.
Thankyou so much to our lecturer and thanks to everyone because you give us full trust to have this opening ceremony. Thankyou !

So here it is, our Flashmob members !

With our lecturer :)

We got a chance to have a picture with MOHE !

So, thats all from now, it was actually a really exciting event and I was 
 happy to participate in the upcoming event . Hehe.Besides getting a certificate, I also have a meaningful experience :)
I love you guys gang ! Goodjob :*

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