Post 8 : Malam Kebudayaan Pusat Asasi Pengurusan 17/18 - Mushy Zaini

Post 8 : Malam Kebudayaan Pusat Asasi Pengurusan 17/18

November 28, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hi, today I want to throwback a little about our Malam Kebudayaan Asasi Pengurusan Sesi 17/18.

On that night, we were having some performances based on our interested and we need to present it to everyone. It such a wonderful and meaningful night which is actually i got an experience and chances to have the real performance in front of everyone. 

I chose to have a dances performance, this is our task actually, in one week we need to practise with our chereographer in UUM and we need to present it to everyone on that night. For dances, it quiet difficult because our teacher got many type of dancing and sometimes he always change it and we couldnt remember it very well. hhaha. Thats also increasing my stress level actually but i am sure, if we do something that we loved, we will never feel give up or stress right? 

I chose to have a traditional dances and be the opening performance for the night. It was actually quiet chaotic because we didnt realize that the song had played and yeah. idont know what to say hahahha. just, if you want to have a look. You can freely go to youtube and search for 

or just click on the link above, you'll be direct to youtube. Have fun !

We also served you some performance of my batch like singing, Dikir barat, Gamelan and band group, you can drop any comment for our performance :
P/s* Yeah. this is one of the compulsory event you need to take part. so, practising yourself earlier to do performance ye for my next new batch Asasian Session 18/19 :*

Here are some picture of our night :*

me and sarah ! We looks beautiful right?

here is our Dancing group !

my beloved classmates

Traditional Dancing from us !

Thats all for now :)

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