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Post 5 : Interview Asasi Pengurusan UUM (Part2)

November 17, 2017

 بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم   

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Assalamualaikum semua, berbalik pada post yg pertama tentang interview yang mus pergi. interview tu menempatkaan dalam 8 orang calon untuk setiap sesi interview. Dan panel juri interview bagi sesi mus is Timbalan Akademik Pusat Asasi sendiri tau and salah seorang lecturer account yang berpengalaman. Alhamdulillah, sebelum pergi interview lagi mus dah buat ibarat dialog untuk cakap lah and reply apa-apa soalan yang ditanyakan. dan Alhamdulillah mus berjaya jugak hafal plus ingat point yang penting untuk dijawab.

interview dia tak susah pun. Dia just tanya background then kokurikulum then perancangan masa depan and isu semasa and pendapat kita je. so no worries haha. walaupun panel tanya dalam bm still mus jawab in english untuk meyakinkan mereka hehe. Dan alhamdulillah im officially be a Foundation's student of UUM Session 17/18 Alhamdulillah :)

Believe me, this interview will not be too tough for you as scholarship interview. just be prepared with any questions that are likely to ask, also prepare yourself with a good personality, neat, smart & beautiful in front of them. Try to make sure your confident level is higher than what they expect to be.

about how to wear your shirt, I suggest:

for men
1. A light / dark colored shirt that does not have a flower pattern on the collar or whatever. just simple, be plain or maybe small stripes
2. Pvc shoes and wear dark colored socks; black
3. Wear the appropriate tie and follow the way the formal tie is not very deep / very top.
4. Slack pants. better no slack cotton.
5. Hair wipe with oil

For women
1. Baju kurung /shirts, both in cotton material are more suitable but not eye-catching or rare. Less pattern & better plain and bright color
2. Tudung more suggested is bawal. Make butterfly style is already enough to make you look formal.Make sure The plain scarves fit the shirt. Wear Anak tudung.
3. Shoes, wear minimalist formal pvc shoes / dark covered shoes; black

For all interviews:

1. Better use clock more suggested is iron watch.

In case you have anything to ask me,
feel free to leave your questions below and I'll reply within 48 hours. or maybe you can also hit me up in my gmail .

Thankyou and best of luck !


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  1. Assalam. Adakah sijil² salinan kokum memerlukan pengesahan guru dan penting sangat ke sijil tu sebab saya hanya ada beberapa keping je. Yang dulu² semua dah hilang 😂

    1. Wasalam. I thought you already got the answer. I am really sorry for the late reply 😔😔😔 sorry for not helping. do tell me if you get there or not 🤗


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