Post 10 : Director Awards Semester 1 Foundation in Management 17/18 - Mushy Zaini

Post 10 : Director Awards Semester 1 Foundation in Management 17/18

November 28, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hi !

Today i would like to share some valuable appreciation I got. hehe Director Awards :)

Alhamdulillah, Im done with my Semester 1 in this foundation year. and I dont rule out the expectation that this foundation is quiet challenging but, I feel good because, Im as the MRSM Student actually, almost in everyday was the hectic day for us so, when I came here, I feel a bit relaxed and my first thought is I am sure that I can survive excellently. 

this is also a great gratitude to me for the first dream to sit as a foundation student successfully, the difference between foundation and matric is only on the basis of the learning period but little difference from the qualifications. Being a foundation student is not the pride I want to show but is actually a point of struggle for anyone who wants to achieve it but has no confidence, for me, just set up your dream and let others think what they want. you try and keep trying to get what you want. at least you have some point to go. 

and Alhamdulillah, for this semester 1 in Foundation year I got really good achievement for me as 3.88, and ofcs , i have some slacked on English and ICT subject. because ICT is more to facts subject in this semester. and like always, im not the one who have the good memory. haha. Theres also my friend, my secondary friends who also got the great achievement same like me, our aim to get 4.00 flat in this semester not achieve yet. but inshaAllah in this new semester if we can struggle more and more, we can achieve it. 

The way I am study is difference with others. Each of us have our own way to study, I more choose to have a great mood before and then I can set up my study, If i pushed myself to be like others, ofcs, I will end up with frustating. And also the most important is, family. keep contact and dont ever forget them because we need their barakah.

Thats all from now. Hope to upload this again in next semester Ameen :)

If you have any question just drop there, 

here is my brilliant classmates. 

me and Ikin, my sec school classmates !

Here is, we got what we wanted for :)

Thats all from now, any suggestion just give me a point

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