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Post 3 : Result SPM Macam Mana?

November 16, 2017

Assalamualaikum and morning guys. Dah lama tak berblogging. Alhamdulillah syukur masih diberi kesempatan meluangkan masa yang serba ada ini untuk blogging.

First of all kan, im sorry for my grammmar. Yeah i knew that my eng was really bad. But why not kan . At least, im trying to improve my grammar . Chill chill okay. Jangan berkerut tau dahi dahi tu hm :')

Alhamdulillah , its been 2weeks ago i got my spm result. And be praise to Allah ,  i got 7A's.  Alhamdulillah.

I really dont expect for my result. Bcs im sure that i just got maybe 5 A's only

Bcs i knew my weakness in several subjects like chemistry, english absolutely,
Physics and sejarah. Yeah im actually cannot go through with all of thjs subjects.
But im so grateful to have a great teachers to help me to overcome my weakness.

Truthly i said, im really do not expect for my sejarah . Bcs yeah. We study and remember a lot and tried to answer all the HOTS questions together but when the examinations paper were in front of us. We just shocked. And really do not expect for the fact questions. Yeah. Literally we heard that some of the sch out there (non mrsm) got the bocor bocor questions like that lah but yeah. Alhamdulillah it just several of them and yeah

We cant do anything and we just pray for our results can be good eventhough we thought that would be yuckks . Huhu.

For physics espc. I really thanked to my teacher..

Mrs saidah, mrs aimi , mr rosli  fof always and be patience to teach us.
But you know what. Act im the one who really be naughty in the class. Means that
When i ve been choose to learn with mr. Rosli or mrs. Aimi. I will run to
Mrs. Saidah's class. Hahahaha. Not bcs i dont like them, it just he way for me
To try to get more focus and understanding in mrs saidah class. Bcs she always eith her jokes and shes really cute you know . Hahai remember a week before our physicd paper.
My friends, syaza , anis and yue and i always meet mrs saidah for calculation in physics.
Yeah. That was the sweet memories ever bcs i felt like i was teach by my mom . Its really amazing. The way she treat and teach you slowly and she knew on how to make you didnt feel bored in her class. I really loves it. Thankyou mrs saidah.

Then, for my eng results. Yeah. It just a big chance that i dont use wisely hm. I got b+ in english. Just one step closer to get A but yeah. Maybe Allah have something

Greater for me one day. It wouldnt be always perfect. But srsly quiet tough for me to apply for any scholarship. But i be praise to Allah. Im believe in his way and i hope that my future would be like what i planned before . Ameen . Do pray for me my readers (kalau hado lah ) haha.
Bye ! See ya.

With tablemate yg dapat 9A+ wehh ! Tahniah Farah Syazwani :* dia pun dapat anugerah pelajar cemerlang SPM16 mewakili negeri. so Proud !!!! bukan senang pelajar MRSM nak dapat anugerah daripada government ok -_-

my bbg :* Tahniah heheh. lepas ni xboleh jumpa dah hwaaaaa

Orang paling sayang and paling dekat dengan aku 6bulan sebelum SPM , Thanks untuk segala ilmu korang okay ? semoga berjaya dunia akhirat :*

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  1. You're so lucky! 7A's for spm. But you still dpt foundation uum. And your English only B. I'm so jealous. I got 8A's an A for English =( waiting for upu result 21/5. I'm sure I'll not gonna be able to go to uum. Coz you are from mrsm. I'm from smk :/

    1. hey dont said like that. my batch have a varities of school. no worries. If there's your rezeki. It will be. Do roger me if you get any in your upu. seriously. I wanna get in touch with you more.


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